About thrive

Who are we?

Thrive is a not-for-profit organisation established with the vital financial backing of Westpac, private donors and the generous support of leading companies such as Allianz, Gilbert & Tobin, KPMG, Newgate and Equifax. Thrive is registered as a charity with tax-deductible status for donations.

What do we do?

Our core activity is to provide business and financial support for refugees so that they can start and grow viable businesses.

We provide this support through 1 on 1 consultation to work through skills, goals and business ideas. If applicable, that consultation progresses to business planning, financial support and launch.

In our last four years of operations, we have supported hundreds refugee business owners and have received over 1600 expressions of interest. Supporting our refugees is a passionate team at Thrive and qualified volunteers and business partners.

Why is our mission important?

Refugees and asylum seekers make an enormous contribution to Australia’s economy. They bring a level of determination, work ethic and resilience that often comes with a need to rebuild one’s life when given a second chance. However, it’s not easy when these new arrivals have no social or financial capital to leverage their natural talents. Thrive helps overcome these disadvantages through the provision of information, ideas, financial and social capital.

Government data shows that almost 30% of all refugees will start a small business by the 10th year of being in Australia. If Thrive’s intervention can bring this forward to within the first 3 years, it will make a world of difference to the refugee, their family, their community and Australia at large.

Our focus areas

Provide information about the Australian business environment (laws, standards, market dynamics) and what it takes to start or expand a business.


One-on-one consultations on business ideas, planning, mentoring and financing.

Post loan

Ongoing mentoring and training to guide refugee business owners towards success.

Our Vision

We want to positively transform the lives of refugees and asylum seekers by helping them build successful businesses and fulfilling lives, so they can make meaningful contributions to the Australian economy and society.

Our Team
Our Board of Directors
Our Advisory Council

Fondly known as the Chief 'Soul' Officer among members of the board, Sue Beecher has been an inspiration to us at Thrive. Although she is no more with us, her soul will live on in our hearts. A champion of the disadvantaged, Sue had used her considerable strategic and philanthropic expertise in supporting Thrive’s efforts with refugees and was indeed an integral part of our family. We will deeply miss you, Sue.