Becoming an Owner Driver: Featuring Moses Aregan

  • 17 September 2021
  • Australia
Becoming an Owner Driver: Featuring Moses Aregan

Owner Drivers needed

The owner driver market in Australia largely serves the business-to-consumer segment. This involves transporting various types of consumer goods and packages from all around the world to residential addresses.

However, with the pandemic affecting global supply chains, small businesses and retailers are also increasingly choosing to buy local. Especially with raw materials and fresh produce, in-transit handling of items and timely delivery are some of the key factors required for owner driver services to succeed.

Australians are shopping online more than ever and as this trend continues to gain strength, the volume of parcel deliveries have been forecasted to greatly increase. As such, the demand for owner driver services would also keep growing and it remains an attractive business to enter. The barriers to setting up your own owner driver business are low—you’d need only to purchase a suitable van and some basic work equipment.

Major players such as Australia Post are leaders within the transport industry and who offer substantial self-employment opportunities which you could choose to join and be part of an established brand and benefit from their support.

Moses’ journey to becoming an owner driver

Moses Aregan

It has been a long journey for Moses Aregan to find freedom and build something he could call his own. After a life of conflict in his home country of Syria and discrimination during his time as a refugee in Lebanon, he made his way to Australia in 2017. The first two years proved challenging for Moses as he adjusted to a new life and overcame the language barrier. But with the support of a multicultural community, he could finally feel like he belonged and was accepted for who he is.

Moses then came across Thrive and looked for support to start his own business. Thrive assisted him with small business financing as well as guided him on purchasing his own van. These days, Moses is self-employed as a subcontractor with Australia Post where he delivers 150 parcels a day or more and earns revenue for each parcel delivered. Australia Post provided Moses with the branding and initial training/ business systems to start and operate his business.

A subcontracting model also lets him tap into Australia Post’s extensive national network while making a reliable and steady income and getting to know his community. As an owner driver, running his own business has given Moses the means to make an independent living, support his family and play an active part in his local community.

Increasing preference for subcontracting model

With more of us staying home as the COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, online shopping is now part of our everyday lives. Owner driver services such as Australia Post continue to be a popular choice for refugee entrepreneurs in Australia looking for business and work opportunities, as it is a simple and contact-less job which enables them to make a passive income.

In 2021, of the 3.7 million dollars in business financing for refugees to start their own businesses, 29% have been taken up by those in the Transport, Postal and Warehousing industries.

Clients like Moses Aregan are very pleased to be a part of the Australia Post subcontracting model as it is sustainable and shows no signs of slowing down.

“I am very proud.” – Moses Aregan, owner driver from Syria for Australia Post

Discover how Thrive can help you start your own owner driver business through a subcontract with Australia Post.


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