Keen for a Franchise in the Cleaning Industry: Featuring Selam Haile

  • 17 September 2021
  • Australia
Keen for a Franchise in the Cleaning Industry: Featuring Selam Haile

The cleaning industry in Australia

Split into three main categories-residential, commercial, industrial-the cleaning industry in Australia covers a variety of general cleaning services as well as specialised cleaning that may require different tools, equipment and expertise.

Residential cleaning provides services for domestic spaces including homes, apartments/units, and stratas. Commercial cleaning usually involves corporate offices, childcare and day care centres, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings like shopping centres and businesses such as restaurants and supermarkets. The largest scale of these professional cleaning services, industrial cleaning is often contracted for warehouses, factories and manufacturing plants.

The barriers to setting up your own cleaning business are low, as you would only need a small amount of funds to purchase cleaning equipment and supplies to get started. But for those looking to get into the cleaning industry without the start-up risk, a franchise model could provide the opportunity to grow your business with training and support from the franchisor.

Selam’s discovery of a support network through franchising

Selam Haile

Selam Haile first got her start in the cleaning industry in Australia as a cleaner at the Crown Towers in Melbourne. Having previously worked as a housekeeper and executive assistant, Selam had some experience which she longed to put to good use in running her own cleaning business.

Her doctor had then referred her to Thrive, where Selam successfully applied for support and financing to purchase a Keen to Clean franchise. Keen to Clean provided Selam with the initial support and instructions to set up her cleaning business. Being able to rely on the Keen to Clean group brand also meant that her business is guaranteed work and income, which she can eventually grow as her business expands.

Through a proven franchise system, Selam could choose the investment level that best suited the type of work she wished to do by herself or employing others, and also to match her income expectations. Running her own business has allowed Selam to earn a living through good working conditions, remain independent and be more involved with her local community.

What the future holds for the industry

Even as the COVID-19 situation slowly turns endemic in many parts of the world, keeping up a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in our surroundings is still a priority in our day-to-day lives.

As of March 2021, refugee entrepreneurs in Australia have been financed for up to 3.7 million dollars to get their businesses off the ground, with 27% of these being in the Repairs, Gardening and Cleaning industries. This sizeable uptake reflects a strong demand for professional cleaning services to ensure a safe work environment for businesses and their customers.

Clients like Selam Haile are pleased to have been able to realise their dreams and secure their personal future through business financing in a franchise model.

“My dream was to open my own cleaning business one day. It finally came true, and I’m very happy: my dream is here.” – Selam Haile, Keen to Clean franchise owner from Eritrea

Discover how Thrive can help you start your own cleaning business through a franchise.


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