Rastegar’s Journey from Refugee to Chubby Chef

  • 08 June 2021
  • Melbourne

Rastegar Fathi’s kebab shop has been a labour of love from day one, as he admitted to spending more than 15 hours a day at work. Although no longer the self-titled chubby chef, Rastegar turned the endearing name with its funny origin story into a memorable brand for his shop.

With support and guidance from Manager of Thrive Victoria, Arie Moses, Rastegar was able to fulfill his ambition to open the Chubby Chef kebab shop on Chapel St in Melbourne. He had a clear vision for his shop, from its prime location to the type of food served-the only sliced pizzas in the area!-and even made his own dining furniture.

The enterprising business owner shared with Arie on how he had learned to make tables and chairs by watching video tutorials. His hard work has led to great savings on his Thrive loan, which was then put to better use elsewhere in the shop.

As he showed Arie around during a site visit, Rastegar also talked about his plans for eventually expanding into a shisha and tea shop. Today, Chubby Chef is a successful and vibrant fixture on Chapel St serving up pizzas, kebabs, souvlakis, and much more.


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