Running a Jim’s Cleaning Franchise: Introducing Sarkon Abbo

  • 03 December 2021
  • Sydney

Sarkon Abbo

Sarkon’s journey is a true testament to his strength and resilience. He attributes his motivation to keeping his family safe and providing them with the life that they deserve. 

Conflict, civil unrest and violence are the harsh realities of living in Syria. Despite this, after finishing school, Sarkon got a job as a high-end manufacturer of goods which involved delivering essential goods to places such as supermarkets and shopping centres. All was well until 2016, when the war in Syria moved dangerously close to Sarkon’s home city. He had two choices: Either save his family and lose everything or stay in constant danger.  Sarkon decided to save his family and abruptly left Syria to move to Australia, to ensure that his children remained safe from danger. 

Sarkon arrived in Australia in September 2016. Moving to Australia, Sarkon was faced with numerous challenges, such as adjusting to a whole new language and culture. Sarkon found that the change in accents was particularly hard to navigate.

After working different jobs for income, Sarkon finally heard about Thrive. Thrive provided him with business financing to start his own Jim’s Cleaning business. Since the franchise business was completely different to his job back in Syria, Sarkon found it hard at first. However, Thrive provided constant business support and mentorship which helped Sarkon to learn quickly. 

Five years after arriving in Australia, Sarkon now runs a successful business. Every sacrifice that Sarkon has taken has been worth it because his children are safe, protected and healthy.


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