Running a Jim’s Mowing Franchise: Davoud Youhaneh Ghaterchi

  • 03 December 2021
  • Sydney

After escaping persecution from the Iranian regime, Davoud was forced to flee his home country in 2012. Moving to Australia, learning the language and adjusting to the cultural differences were not easy. Despite his previous experience as an accountant in Iran, Davoud had many difficulties finding employment. 

With a strong desire to work, Davoud learned English and started to apply for jobs. Instead of working a menial job, he wanted more for himself and his wife. Davoud started to investigate small business opportunities and found Thrive. Thrive provided Davoud with business support, mentorship and business financing to help him start his own Jim’s Mowing Franchise. 

Today, Davoud’s Jim Mowing Franchise is flourishing as a result of his utmost dedication towards his customers and excellent customer service. Being a successful business owner has allowed him to support his family and spend more quality time with them. 


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