Thrive Progress Report – March 2021

  • 08 June 2021
  • Sydney
Keeping up efforts to help refugee entrepreneurs in Australia during COVID-19

Three months into a new year and with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on in many parts of the world, here’s the latest on our efforts to continue supporting Thrive clients.

Similar to our previous quarter, 97% of our clients have chosen to settle in Victoria and New South Wales. A growing number of refugees in Australia who need help and support has seen Thrive slowly expanding the organisation. More volunteers than ever have stepped up, especially during the lockdown in Victoria state, and we have seen a 3% rise in Business Volunteers at Thrive.

As of March 2021, refugee entrepreneurs have been loaned up to 3.7 million dollars to get their businesses off the ground. Transport, Postal & Warehousing take top spot as our clients’ industries of choice, closely followed by Repairs, Gardening, Cleaning & Construction.

We celebrated small victories with a Valentine’s Day business and talent showcase, which saw our clients coming together to exchange stories, trade experiences, and enjoy sweet treats. Some clients and businesses in the spotlight included Saeed of Dark Blue Cafe and Pastry, Elham of Elham Behin Photography, and Atefeh of AtiArt.

Lastly, we look forward to a big win with our South Australia launch in the coming months, so keep an eye out for the exciting news.

Read the full coverage of our March 2021 update here.


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