Thriving Together Through COVID-19

  • 08 June 2021
  • Sydney

A year on and staying well-physically, mentally, emotionally-is still no easy feat in these challenging times.

At Thrive, we’re finding communication to be more important than ever as a source of strength and comfort, especially for our teams in Victoria. Lines were kept open during lockdown as the team reached out to all of our clients to see how we can help them through COVID-19.

Here, the team shares more on their lockdown experience, what it has been like to keep up efforts to support refugee entrepreneurs in Australia, and how community groups have stepped up to play their part-all responding with a lot of heart.

For concerns about loan repayments or deferments and our COVID-19 response, we recommend taking a look at this resource page. Here you can find guides for JobKeeper, Centrelink, and tax, as well as additional information to help you navigate the COVID-19 situation.

As always, we’re right here on the other side of the phone, screen or keyboard for you. Drop us a message or get in touch via phone here. You can also chat with us below!


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