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Aamer Alashkar

Green Valley

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3.60 / 5

Asmer Alashkar Asmer Alashkar

amer-gg@hotmail.com amer-gg@hotmail.com

0469750012 0469750012

Victoria (VIC) Victoria (VIC)

Rastegar Fathi

Chubby Chef Kebab

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0.00 / 5

Rastegar Fathi Rastegar Fathi

ayyafathi33@yahoo.com.au ayyafathi33@yahoo.com.au

ayyafathi33@yahoo.com.au ayyafathi33@yahoo.com.au

Victoria (VIC) Victoria (VIC)

Zamin Ashrafi

Elia Unit Trust

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0.00 / 5

Zamin Ashrafi Zamin Ashrafi

zaminn611@gmail.com zaminn611@gmail.com

0470392504 0470392504

Victoria (VIC) Victoria (VIC)

Perumal Selvakumar

Selvam's Dosas

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0.00 / 5

Perumal Selvakumar Perumal Selvakumar

sk23051977@gmail.com sk23051977@gmail.com

0450073727 0450073727

New South Wales (NSW) New South Wales (NSW)

Fazel Palizian

Fazel Palizian

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

0.00 / 5

Fazel Palizian Fazel Palizian

fpalizian@yahoo.com fpalizian@yahoo.com

0402019917 0402019917

Victoria (VIC) Victoria (VIC)

Ahmad Zia Ali Zada

Afghan Friendship Restaurant

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0.00 / 5

Ahmad Zia Ali Zada Ahmad Zia Ali Zada

ahmad.zada36@gmail.com ahmad.zada36@gmail.com

0469943770 0469943770

New South Wales (NSW) New South Wales (NSW)

Saeed Zarinkob

Dark Blue Pastry

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0.00 / 5

Saeed Zarinkob Saeed Zarinkob

saeedzarin121@gmail.com saeedzarin121@gmail.com

0432494055 0432494055

New South Wales (NSW) New South Wales (NSW)

Other Categories
Automobile Services

Automobile Services02

  • Experienced mechanics
  • Car wash

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services03

  • Professional deep cleaning
  • Carpet and Couch cleaning
  • Certified and experienced workers

Education and Training

Education and Training01

  • Language lessons
  • Vocational training
  • Life skills



  • Cultural performances
  • Traditional music and dance
  • Wedding bands

Hair and Beauty

Hair and Beauty06

  • Professionally trained stylists
  • Bridal Hair and makeup
  • Special offers

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Healthcare and Social Assistance02

  • Relocation services
  • Legal Aid
  • Health Insurance

Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services01

  • Highly trained professional interpreters
  • Culturally aware
  • Over 20 languages



  • Signage Printing
  • Wedding Invites
  • Menu, leaflets and more

Professional Services

Professional Services01

  • Accounting and Book Keeping
  • Transcriptions and Data entry
  • Real Estate

Trades and Construction

Trades and Construction18

  • Building and renovations
  • Technical and structural expertise
  • Experienced plumbers, electricians, etc.

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