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Our clients are more than refugees and asylum seekers–they are Australia’s next business owners. When these aspiring refugee business owners reach our country’s shores, they bring with them a wealth of experience, skills, innovative ideas and the motivation to build fulfilling lives and livelihoods in a safe country.

However, running a business as a refugee in Australia can be a daunting task. Refugees do not share the same privileges and benefits as Australian citizens, so the legal and administrative process of starting up and funding a refugee-owned business can prove to be a huge challenge to these aspiring refugee business owners.

That’s where we come in. At Thrive, we help these refugee business owners to live their dreams, become financially independent and contribute to Australia’s economy and community. Thrive not only extends financial assistance, but also offers business support and mentoring to refugee-owned businesses to ensure their success throughout their tenure with Thrive.

Thrive supports a wide range of businesses and business owners in various industries, such as transportation, cleaning services, entertainment, building services and more. See our list of local businesses near you:

Hair and Beauty5

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Iman Tajirishi

Aryan Hair Salon

Iman Tajirishi Iman Tajirishi

diako.g.clef@gmail.com diako.g.clef@gmail.com

0477154154 0477154154

Victoria (VIC) Victoria (VIC)

Zahra Timouri Umron

Zara Brows Cosmetic Tattoo

Zahra Timouri Umron Zahra Timouri Umron

rahelef89@yahoo.com rahelef89@yahoo.com

0451032960 0451032960

New South Wales (NSW) New South Wales (NSW)

Riadh Yousif

King Babylon Barber & Hairdresser

Riadh Yousif Riadh Yousif

riadhabilahad@yahoo.com riadhabilahad@yahoo.com

0488000709 0488000709

Victoria (VIC) Victoria (VIC)

Saheleh Rahmati Reysani

Sahel Beauty

Saheleh Rahmati Reysani Saheleh Rahmati Reysani

sahel.rahmati@yahoo.com sahel.rahmati@yahoo.com

0469730421 0469730421

New South Wales (NSW) New South Wales (NSW)

Mojgan Rajabali

3 Sis Hair & Beauty

Mojgan Rajabali Mojgan Rajabali

mojgan.rajabali@yahoo.com mojgan.rajabali@yahoo.com

0401106829 0401106829

New South Wales (NSW) New South Wales (NSW)

Other Categories
Automobile Services

Automobile Services02

  • Experienced mechanics
  • Car wash

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services03

  • Professional deep cleaning
  • Carpet and Couch cleaning
  • Certified and experienced workers

Education and Training

Education and Training01

  • Language lessons
  • Vocational training
  • Life skills



  • Cultural performances
  • Traditional music and dance
  • Wedding bands

Food and Catering

Food and Catering07

  • Restaurants, food trucks and catering
  • Menu planning for events
  • Wide range of cuisines

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Healthcare and Social Assistance02

  • Relocation services
  • Legal Aid
  • Health Insurance

Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services01

  • Highly trained professional interpreters
  • Culturally aware
  • Over 20 languages



  • Signage Printing
  • Wedding Invites
  • Menu, leaflets and more

Professional Services

Professional Services01

  • Accounting and Book Keeping
  • Transcriptions and Data entry
  • Real Estate

Trades and Construction

Trades and Construction18

  • Building and renovations
  • Technical and structural expertise
  • Experienced plumbers, electricians, etc.

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Thrive supports refugees and asylum seekers who are motivated to become financially independent, with microfinance loans and mentoring for their new or existing businesses. You can contribute too by chossing to employ a Thrive supported business or entrepreneur.

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